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The key to health is eliminating toxicities and deficiencies! - Dr. William R. Kellas

Recommended Immune Boosters

There are two kinds of people, pro-active and lackadaisical. We need to be pro-active to help ensure that we don't get sick from the tiny destroyers of happiness and health called viruses and bacteria. These pathogens have caused more "downtime" (loss of ability to work for a few days), destruction of happiness and life than all wars combined, so we ought to be proactive. 

See a calendar graph showing which months pathogens do the most damage to people.

sneezes and germs

Here are our top two suggestions for immune health:

  1. Specifically Boost Your Immune System After Eating Sugar:
    • If you eat sugary foods you should understand that when the sugar gets in your blood stream it's presence will turn down your immune system activity and effectiveness for several hours, leaving your body almost defenseless against pathogens.

      Since virtually no one totally avoids sugar, we recommend drinking an ounce of Silver Biotics and taking two Mal-X capsules every hour for the next six hours after consuming sugar in order to compensate for having an immune system that just went "off-line". Otherwise, you may have just set the stage for getting sick.

  2. Proactively, boost your immune system daily with one or more of these: Silver Biotics, Bion Plus Silver/Ozone, Miror EPF, Oyster Max, AKG 200, Garlic, PEOs, Vitamin C and Lysine, and Mal-X:
    • Do a sinus/throat silver rinse every night: We recommend killing off as many pathogens in the sinuses and throat as possible with Silver Biotics liquid as a nightly nasal/sinus rinse and as a "gargle" to help ensure so that pathogens don't "walk down" the sinuses and throat into the lungs.
    • Sucking on a silver lozenge before going to bed is an easy way to kill pathogens in the throat — so that don't make the trip down into your lungs while you sleep.
    • Once a week, we recommend nebulizing BION silver for 10 minutes if you have pathogens that are already in the lungs. Nothing is more powerful.

Setting the Stage for Staying Healthy Year Round

It is a very smart way of life to kill pathogens before they multiply and gain a stronghold in your body. It is FAR easier to kill pathogens when there are only a few instead of when they become many. That means one's goal should be killing them as close to the time that they first enter one's body as possible. This will prevent them from multiplying to the point that one becomes sick.

That means, of course, that one should have a routine habit for killing pathogens several times a day, or at least as an absolute minimum, one must absolutely do so before bed time each night.

Don't give pathogens time to multiply!  Pathogens primarily gain access through the nose and mouth (in that order). Then, they attempt to crawl down the throat into the lungs and into the blood stream. If pathogens can have a whole eight hours of time while you're sleeping to multiply, they may well have increased in number by morning to an amount more than your immune system (especially if weakened from stress) can totally handle. If that happens, then within a few more days you may find yourself sick.

Having Strong Cell Walls is a Primary Defense Strategy


Human cells can be likened to walled cities or fortresses. Inside the cells are bustling with activity. But, cells absolutely need protection from outside invaders, especially viruses with spike proteins that can penetrate those walls, and then wreak havoc inside. To keep your cellular walls strong and able to withstand invaders, we recommend giving them strength with the following cell-wall-strength boosting supplements — especially from December to April:

  • PEOs - Parent Omega Oils comprise fifty percent of your cell wall membrane. Make sure they are built of unadulterated, fully function oils. We recommend 1 capsule per 40 pounds body weight daily
  • Vitamin D3 - Vitamin D3 makes sure that minerals are available to go into your cell walls. We recommend 1,500 IU per 40 pounds body weight daily
  • Advanced Immune Defense - This product designed by Robert Keller, M.D. and contains virtually everything that is important to cell walls and immune function. We recommend 1 capsule per 160 pounds body weight daily.
  • Oyster Max - Oyster Tissue is finely tuned to protect oysters from all the pathogens in the ocean. It is super high in zinc and will help you resist infections, too.
  • Vitamin C - Virtually no tissue will be strong without ample Vitamin C. We recommend 1 gram daily per 40 pounds body weight
  • Organic Sulfur - Essential to all tissue and cell membrane formation. We recommend 4 grams daily.

If you take a break in your immune boosting supplementation during peak pathogen spreading times, you may end up being sick for weeks.

Don't take chances. Look at the chart below to see when you need to be especially vigilant about helping your body to destroy pathogens habitually every single day. The greatest number of cases are January through May and again in late August/September. This means that you should be conscientiously consuming nutrients that boost the immune system throughout these times.

Shortening a Pathogen Caused Illness

Help boost your immune system's killing capacity with the following:

  • Load up on high quality Vitamin D3. We like to get our blood levels up to about 100 ng/ml. (Please note that we have found many Vitamin D3 formulations don't raise D3 levels very well. So, pick a high quality one that absorbs well.)
  • Clean out the sinuses with pathogen killing Silver Biotics or Bion Silver and nebulize 1/2 teaspoon of either silver directly into the lungs for ten minutes twice a day.
  • It's also a great idea to to help sterilize the blood by drinking 1 ounce four times a day of either Silver Biotics or Bion Silver and taking lots of immune boosting Mal-X.
  • Load up on Vitamin C and Lysine (2 to 3 grams of each twice a day). We recommend Cardio Pro (Progressive) to get both at once.
  • Load up on Aklyglycerols since they boost immune activity significantly.
  • Load up on Zinc, either from Oyster Max or AID.
  • Boost your Glutathione levels with either SwishЗо or OGF. Immune soldiers require Glutathione to do battle with pathogens.

How Important is the Immune System?

Answer: Without an immune system, you wouldn't live very long and you would die in a very nasty way. You would be decomposed while still alive. Here are the prospects of what your life would be like if your immune system shut down completely for a time:

  • From 0 to 24 Hours: No real effects except itching and rashes.
  • 24 - 48 hours: Weeping sores, discoloration and loss of sensation in limbs and other areas. Some loss of functionality would remain if the immune system turned back on at this point.
  • 48 - 72 hours: Severe pain and gangrene. Even if the immune system started functioning again at this point, there are strong chances of amputation being required, scarring and permanent loss of some functionality.
  • 72 - 96 hours: Almost certain amputation necessary, possible death by septic shock even if immune system turned back on at this point.
  • While in the above time frame several nasty kinds of cancer are guaranteed to have sprung up, they won't be what kills you.

Remember, the goal of microbes is to turn your body into fertilizer. That's what microbes do... they decompose things (the cycle of life and all that). We just prefer they do it after we have died. But, being opportunistic, they don't want to wait and anytime your immune strength goes down for any reason, you are at risk.

What Is Your Immune System?

It's your best friend: Your immune system looks out for you. It works to root out germs and other invaders that have gotten inside you and begin to try to decompose your cells. For example, if you inhale a cold virus through your nose, your immune system targets that virus and either stops it from penetrating a cell or revs up immune forces to come in and destroy that virus once it re-exits the cell. It takes time to mount counter-attacks, and especially so, for pathogens that are new. Sometimes you need lots or rest and remedies to help, but always you need to give your immune system the nutrient tools it needs. The immune system is essential to life, health and well-being.

It has numerous organs, tissues and cells. including:

  • Your tonsils
  • Your digestive system
  • Your bone marrow
  • Your skin
  • Your lymph nodes
  • Your spleen
  • Thin skin on the inside of your nose, throat, and genitals (mucosal immune system, these cells are like early warning outposts to detect infections since many invading microorganisms start entering the body at these locations)

For a deep dive into the immune system and other powerful immune boosters, click here.

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