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Alpha Polysaccharide Peptides - A Cell's Best Friend

Ordinarily an animal or human being can only "heal" when it is asleep!

That is because during sleep, the energy requirements of a cell drop very low (kind of like an animal in hibernation). When the energy requirements of the cell are very low, excess energy can be used to make repairs to the cell. That's why sleep is so important for healing and growth.

There is a product that contains Alpha Polysaccharide Peptides, however, that allows a cell to have enough energy even during waking hours so that healing can occur without having to be asleep. Alpha Polysaccharide Peptides allow such excess energy because they are so small they fit right through a cell's pores and can enter into the mitochondria without the huge energy losses of active transport. This enables many times more energy to be netted that is ordinarily possible.

To learn more about this opportunity for Cellular Healing go to one of the two websites:

  1. For animals - go to
  2. For humans - go to

Leptin Levels

Leptin Management - Secret to Longevity and Weight Normalization

Leptin is a nutrient sensor molecule that is made in fat cells. When the body's leptin levels are between 4 and 9 this tells tell the brain that the energy reserves in the body are normal. When leptin levels are lower than 4 this tells the brain that the body needs to increase its fat storage levels. Unfortunately, high leptin levels (above 9) which are the result of too much fat in the body are ironically interpreted by the brain to mean that the body has insufficient fat reserves and puts the body in a fat storing mode instead of the desirable, fat-burning mode. This makes it very difficult to ever permanently lose weight... unless one knows how to reduce leptin levels.

So, the secret to losing weight effortlessly is to keep one's leptin levels within the green area. It's also the secret of longevity. Learn how to keep your leptin levels in the optimal range by getting our booklet on Leptin Management. Learn about a product that can help you manage leptin levels by going to

Toxins are the #1 cause of dis-ease.

Now, there is a safe and inexpensive way to get them out. You can remove heavy metals without chelation and without removing good minerals. This method is to ingest 95% pure, finely ground zeolite powder. This volcanic crystal's inner chambers trap heavy metals and other industrial pollutants and carry them safely out of the body. When toxins are gone, you can feel the difference.

Learn more here:

Reduction / Oxidation Molecules

Science has found a new class of molecules that boost antioxidant effectiveness by up to 500% and increase maximum cellular oxygen (V02) utilization by 12% to 20% (highly significant). These REDOX molecules enable and/or boost energy production within the mitochondria when the production is limited due to lack of electron transport molecules. This REDOX molecule containing product can lower heart rates by 10 beats per minute for athletes at maximum exertion, due to more efficient energy processes within the trillions of individual cells. If you want the latest that science has to offer, this is it. Learn more at:



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All four of these are profound influenced by Emotional Freedom Technique. To learn more go to

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