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ACE Ormus

ACE — Alternative Cellular Energy, from Ormus Mineral Water (Orbitally Re-Arranged Monatomic Elements).

Each batch of ACE takes 13 months to prepare. Electrical energy is continuously added to the source mineral water from which ACE Ormus is made. The electrical energy raises the electrons of the minerals to higher transitional orbits, which some people call a higher spin-state. This allows those mineral elements to enter into chemical combinations that otherwise would not occur so readily, and/or to transmit their energy to other elements.

Potential Benefits of ACE Ormus — Please note that Ormus research is in its infancy. These are perceptions of benefits and are not scientifically documented. This is an ususual product for us to carry because it's not based on nutritional science, but rather only on perceived benefits from users. We do not know if this product works for everyone or just those who have described the benefits they believed that they received.

  • More Physical Energy - it is believed that the high spin electrons of ACE minerals increase availability of mineral elements in the mitochondria which are used to make more energy.
  • Improved Mental Function and Increased Learning Ability - it is believed that high spin electrons of ACE minerals enhance brain chemistry transfer rates and functions, giving enhanced theta brain states, higher learning and retention ability, and can improve psychic functions such as telekinesis, ESP, lucid dreaming and telepathy.
  • Increased relaxation - it is believed that high spin electrons of ACE minerals generally help the nervous system synapses to function more efficiently as the minerals integrate into the nervous system and as chemical messengers are more readily sent and received. This is believed to help one to function in a more relaxed state.
  • Alkalizing and immune boosting - anecdotally speaking it has been observed that the high spin electrons of ACE minerals appear to have an alkaline effect on the body (that is to say that fluid pH increases). Alkalinity is believed to protect against free radicals. Acidosis causes much deterioration to the body and can be the source of aging, cardiovascular problems, and degenerative diseases. Having extra high-spin electron minerals helps protect our body.
  • Boosted neurotransmitter production - consumption of high spin Ormus electrons is believed to help the tissues producing neurotransmitters to produce those neurotransmitters more readily.
  • Anti-aging properties - consumption of high spin Ormus electrons is believed to help in all aspects of anti-aging by enabling more production of endogenous antioxidants and avoidance of cellular deficiencies. Absence of cellular deficiencies means that repair and replacement of older cells can occur more readily.
  • Spiritual Energy - consumption of high spin ORMUS electrons is believed by some to help create a heightened sense of awareness, improved emotional stability and a connection to one's higher or spiritual self and to dream more lucidly.
  • Accelerated or even miraculous healing - consumption of high spin Ormus electrons is believed to have brought about hastened or even miraculous healing.

What Are the Ingredients in ACE Ormus?

ACE Ormus begins as salt water taken from the north edge of the great Salt Lake in Utah. This "mineral and trace mineral rich" water is processed for 13 to 18 months to re-arrange the elements into a high spin state. It contains minute amounts of all the naturally occurring mineral elements known on earth.

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Ace Ormus - Alternative Cellular Energy

ace ormus supplement facts
Ace Ormus

How to Use

  • Take up to 30 to 60 drops daily.
  • Start at 5 drops once a day.
  • Increase gradually until taking as many as 10 to 20 drops two or three times daily.
  • Do not exceed bowel tolerance.

ACE Ormus - Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Unique About Our ACE Ormus?

ACE is more than a liquid mineral product with all the minerals on the periodic table. The high spin state of these minerals is what makes ACE Ormus unique. Many trace elements, including rhodium, iridium, gold, platinum, palladium, copper (and several others) can exist in a high-spin state where the nucleus of the atom becomes elongated and electrons spin around it faster, becoming super-conductive and able to influence health in a different way than ordinary elements. It takes a pro-longed series of water filtering and magnetic vortex spin processes to create this "unusual" product.

What Kind of Persons Will Notice the Most Benefits From Ace Ormus?

  • People who wake up after a full night’s sleep and still feel TIRED.
  • People who go to work and feel the urge to check emails, Facebook, the news and every other thing that keeps them from from real work.
  • People whose body just feels off and wish they felt the way they did in "younger" days.
  • People whose mind is constantly stimulated and whose body is inactive, therefore, they feel:
    • Mentally drained
    • Unable to focus
    • Physically weak

Why Does Ace Ormus Increase Energy and a Sense of Well-Being?

The reason is because minerals are the foundation of life... and virtually no one has sufficient minerals. When you die, and the water and gases leave your body, you will decompose into carbon and a pound or so of minerals. If you want to live, increase the incorporation into your tissues of minerals. This is easier said that done. ACE Ormus improves your absorption of minerals by providing them in a highly absorbable (high spin) state and by increasing the availability of any other foods recently eaten as the energy from ACE Ormus moves into those foods, too.

Side Effects from ACE Ormus

  • ACE Ormus totally effects the brain, enlivening it... so, it's best to not take in the evening, or you may be awake.
  • ACE Ormus has quite a bit of magnesium in it, so, increasing the dosage may result in very loose stools, IE, diarrhea for a few days. This would be perfectly fine and would have NO ill affect on the body - but if you’d rather not have diarrhea, then slow down and proceed at the recommended rate until you have built yourself up to the maximum dosage. So, no worries whichever way you choose.
  • ACE Ormus has most (99.9%) sodium removed, so it should be okay for those on salt restrictions, but you need to check with your doctor.
  • ACE Ormus improves the absorption of anything taken with it by 25% to 50%, including medications, so be aware.
  • If used for three years, ACE Ormus has caused gray hair to go back to its normal color (that may not be an unwelcome side effect).

Dosing for ACE Ormus?

  • Start at 5 drops twice per day... and for a therapeutic dosing, increase 1 drop daily (for each session). Maximum dosing is 40 drops (2 doses of 20 drops) for a 150 pound person (adjust proportionately for other weights).
  • Put 2 tablespoons of ACE into a quarter of coconut oil, and rub all over skin after every shower. You will be amazed at how soft your skin becomes (be sure to avoid cuts, as it may irritate those areas).

Traveling with ACE Ormus

ACE Ormus should not go through radiation and magnetic scans. Therefore, don't travel with it via airplane. Instead, wrap it in aluminum foil and mail it to where you are going.

ACE Stories

These stories are not validated by scientific methods. They are merely starting points for further research:

  • With a person addicted to opioids, he worked himself up to a full therapeutic dosing in 15 days (that's the normal time for a 150 pound person) and continued at that dosing level. Nine months later he was off opioids and methadone, eating regular meals.

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